A dark-fuelled farce

Shrouded in mystery and full of whimsy, Dave Letch’s ‘A Road To Little Sodding’ is an original play that promises to enthrall its audience.

A script-in-hand reading of the theatre piece will be staged by Pigs Fly Production at Hill Top Memorial Hall this Sunday afternoon, July 30.

Letch, a Highlands-local entertainment industry legend, described the sketch as a “dark-fuelled farce” featuring “skullduggery, murder, mayhem, fishnets, mini-skirts, stilettos, births on Christmas Eve, garroting and karaoke.”

“It’s about identity, lying and secrets,” he said.

The cast is made up of nine industry professional actors from home and afar.

They will be rehearsing all day Saturday in preparation for “curtain up” at 2pm on Sunday.

The live read-through is part of a “work-shopping” exercise for everyone involved in the production.

“We want to see what needs to be tweaked before it goes into production,” Mr Letch said.

”You get to a point as a writer where you need to hear an audience’s response.”

“The producers need to hear it, so we can say ‘this works and this doesn’t’.”

Although dark, the play is heavily peppered with music and song, and Letch is adamant “you will laugh”.

“It’s set in a pub three days before Christmas. The local plumber is also the local pastor… his aim is to be a ventriloquist and to go overseas [laughs]. But I don’t want to give too much away.”

Letch, who has acted in, written and directed numerous plays and films for many decades, is hopeful the script read-through with the presence of an audience will give him a fresh lens for finalising the production.

​”It’s very exciting. It’s a discovery for us.”

“I am really looking forward to it. Even though I’ve been in the game for 40 years, I always get slightly anxious in hoping it will work.”

As published in the Southern Highland News, July 2017. 

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