Wild things among us

Energetic and expressive, young artist Tallulah McCord paints with a powerful voracity.

Known for her frenzied painting style, Tallulah often takes a brush to whatever surface is available – including over the top of works she has already finished.

“It just comes out of me,” the artist said.

On show at the Old Bowral Town Hall from August 12, Tallulah’s debut solo art exhibition, Wild Things, explores fauna in a striking palette of colours and textures.

Some of the paintings featured in the exhibit contain two to four previous paintings hidden beneath them.

Tallulah’s mentor and close family friend, artist Louise Owen, said the young artist painted and drew to release energy.

“She does a painting and then she looks around for something else to paint on,” Ms Owen said.

“She stalks the house looking for a surface – she’ll find some plywood and start painting on that. And when that’s all used up, she’ll start painting over another painting.”

“She’s not precious about it at all. It’s just a way of expressing herself.”

Daughter of the late Highlands painter, Matt McCord, Tallulah has been drawing and painting since she was 10.

“It’s like she has inherited his gift. He is very much a presence in her life,” said Ms Owen.

Tallulah’s artistic mother, Marie McCord, and Ms Owen helped her bring the exhibition to fruition, encouraging her appetite for creativity.

“I gave her some paints and Marie gave her some paints too. And suddenly, she just got it.”

The paintings, created using acrylics, are imaginative and atmospheric. They often feature recurring symbols and animals, like the red dog and the moon.

“She loves dragons and sharks – scary, dangerous animals. That’s why we have called it ‘Wild Things’,” said Ms Owen.

“She has a beautiful palette. Her paintings are so expressive, so immediate.”

Tallulah hopes to use the funds raised from her exhibition to buy more materials – canvasses, brushes, paints – to continue expressing herself on the canvas.

Wild Things will be on display at Old Bowral Town Hall from 11am – 4pm for nine days, from August 12 to August 20.

As published in the Southern Highland News, August 2017. 

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